OK this time I’m going with a web comic. Love and Capes ( ) by Thom Zahler, it is also published in book form by IDW and that might be an easier read than the web as some strips are hard to read on a screen. In web form it is closing in on 600 strips and I’m about 1/5 of the way through it.

It is the story of an accountant named Mark who is really the Crusader (Superman) and his girlfriend Abby (Lois Lane) who runs a book store with her sister. It is a really good romantic comedy with super heroes.  It starts as Mark has decided it’s time to tell Abby he loves her AND that he is The Crusader.


The Crusader bounces this off of Darkblade (Batman.) So far the play between Darkbalde and The Crusader reminds me of Frozone and Mr. Incredible in Pixar’s The Incredibles and not just because of the obvious skin color thing but because it is how I pictured Frozone and Mr. I back when supers were still allowed in the time before the movie.  DB and The Crusader are in the Liberty League (Justice League or Avengers.) And in that with them is Amazonia (Wonder Woman) who Mark used to date.  Yeah that may come up.

The whole telling Abby thing is good and she adapts well, Until she kind of reveals it all to her sister.


One of the great  things (at least so far) is the strip is about the interplay between the people and not fighting bad guys. It does come up and is handled very well as in one part where Abby is watching Mark fighting on the news. There is also some wonderful interaction between Abby and other League members and a set where Mark has Nightblade out of costume following Abby to find out what she wants for Christmas.


I am really enjoying this strip, it is a fun and well written. It should say something in that I can read it for free on the web but it’s collected editions have moved to my go and buy books list.


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