Edison Rex is a new series written by Chris Roberson, drawn by Dennis Culver and published by Monkeybrain Comics (http://www.monkeybraincomics.com) and it’s a great concept. So first off let me give you the only possible downer of the book, it seems to be digital only (though I really hope there will be a trade down the road) the plus of this is that the price is only$0.99 per issue! A friend showed me this series and it is now on the list of stuff I need to pick up, or download as the case may be.

So the premise is simple and wonderful: What if Superman was a time bomb sent to destroy the Earth and Lex Luthor was the only person to figure this out? The first issue starts with Valiant bursting in to the secret lair of his arch enemy Edison Rex – The Smartest Man on Earth. But it turns out Edison isn’t surprised because he’s been leaving clues for Valiant to follow (and is a bit annoyed at how long it took Valiant to figure  it out). Edison calls off M’alizz (his hench/right handwoman and maybe an alien?) when she attacks Valiant and gives him a tour of the lair, showing off trophies and such as well as the brilliantly named “Death Booth” which he points out could kill Valiant but it takes too long and V. could break out long before it worked.

This leads to why Edison went all super villain and it’s pretty much the Supes/LL jealousy thing. Edison goes into Valiant’s origin, as it turns out an alien signal was discovered and in that signal was an RNA sequence that led to Valiant being born. But Edison kept studying the signal and made a discovery; while the RNA was meant to create a super hero it will eventually turn him into a conqueror who will contact the senders of the signal when the planet is subdued.

Valiant says that this explains why he’s is fighting to control a sudden bloodlust. Then he flies over to the Death Booth and activates it. But before it kills him he thanks Edison for stopping him before it was too late and he tells Edison that now it’s his job to protect the earth. Which he decides to do, much to the annoyance of M’alizz who just wants to take over the planet. Oh and the first issue ends with Edison heading off to stop a giant turtle from attacking the city.

The second issue involves Edison being a hero and having the news rip him apart for the super villain battles he keeps starting and it had an utterly ridiculous baddie who needs show up again.  The third has Edison breaking in to Valiant’s “Fortress of Solitude” and shows how long some of Edison’s plans have been going on and has another Superman character analog in the issue as well. The fourth has another character that is a classic Supes rogue and I would have been disappointed had he not shown up. There is also a group that has taken notice of what Edison is doing in his universe.

Oh and starting in issue 2 there are OHOTMU pages in the issues, this is just awesome and shows these guys are comic fans and are laying out an entire world. The books are well done and pretty funny, watching Edison be a hero and deal with everyone assuming he’s still being a villain is great. And the entire time M’alizz is going “we could just take over, it would make things so much easier.”

The fact that each issue is a few pages shorter than a standard Marvel or DC book but one quarter the cost is amazing, so just give the first issue a shot it’s less than a buck what have you got lose? Also if you go to the Monkeybrain site they have pages from each issue up so you can get a better idea if it worth your $0.99 (it is) and several other books as well. I’m going to have to give their stuff a closer look and make an account to buy at the very least Edison Rex and with luck a few other books as well.

And just for the record no these guys didn’t give me anything for this, they don’t even know who I am. I just really like the book and want it to keep coming out and want to see more from Monkeybrain.


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