The whole point of this is to be less crazy.  If I just walk up to random people and say “You should read this comic” I’m crazy, but if I blog it I’m normal (for a given amount of normal.) And I realized the type of person I wanted to read comics was my mother. While this may seem odd she goes to all the comic book movies, enjoys animated  and sci-fi movies. So all things being equal she is the kind of person who should enjoy comics.

Then I had to decide the books I would recommend to a non-comic  reading adult like my mother. I could go with book everyone should read like Maus, The Dark Night Returns, Watchmen, The Sandman etc. And if you haven’t read them you really are missing out on  not only the best comics have to offer but just plain great reads period. But those aren’t “entry level” books you would throw at someone who is just looking forward to The Avengers movie. Then it hit me, there are books that I grew up with (and many newer and even current one) that I love. Books I tell my son, his comic reading friends or the Guy at the comic store who asks about the books I love to re-read.

So that’s what I’m going to do, talk about an issue, story arc or series that is fun or good. Not perhaps as iconic as Watchmen but a book I could give and say “this is a comic well worth reading and here is why.”


Also, isn’t it cute how I act like anyone will actually read this? Oh well at least this will stop me from trying to explain to my dog how great this Thor run form 25 years ago was.


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  1. parker ray says:

    I have every issue of Simonson’s run! Mostly from dollar boxes. I hope they’re referencing them for the next movie. Nice blog!

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